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I collected more than 600 mugs which are all depicted on this website. But still hundreds are failing. If you made pictures from Starbucks city mugs which are not depicted on this website, please mail these.
The first pictures of other collectors were published in January 2017. Many thanks to Sebastian Freudenberger and Rainer Marahrens for their contributions!

New York Icon
How it started
It all started in New York City on August, 9th 2012. During a holiday with my family I caught a flu and stayed in bed at the Soho Grand Hotel while my wife and the kids explored the city. To comfort me, they bought two New York souvernirs: a New York City Icon Series mug and Relief Series mug. And soon the flu virus was replaced by a collection virus. My next trip was to Germany, and I bought a Germany, Köln and Aachen Icon Series mug. Back in the Netherlands I fell for the Amsterdam and the Netherlands Icon Series mugs. From then on family, friends and colleagues brought along mugs from different destinations. I traded mugs via the internet and planned holidays to cities with interesting mugs.

Number 100: Warsaw
I added mug number 100 to my collection in Warsaw Poland, exactly 11 months after getting my first mug. I visited the city with my wife in July 2013 and I bought all the icon mugs from Poland. And of course we visted the Chopin statue pictured on the Warsaw mug. On the way back home we carried 18 mugs in our luggage: 9 for my own collection, and 9 for trading. My wife complained about the weight of my hobby...

Number 200: Hilversum
I was vice-president of the AVRO Broadcast Corporation in Hilversum, from 2005 until december 2013. The Starbucks mug of Hilversum surfaced on December 6th, 2013.
The mug was announced on Facebook. By chance I had some business in Hilversum that day, so I visted the store near the railway station. Only Netherlands Icon Series mugs were displayed. I asked the store manager Willem Bart Ebbink, when the Hilversum mug would be available. He said "within 30 minutes, they are unloading the truck right now". So I waited a while and after that I became the very first buyer of the Hilversum mug at 12:23. I took a picture of the store manager displaying the first mug.

Germany Icon
Number 300: Germany MIT or MIC?
My favorite city is Berlin in Germany. My first visit to the then divided city was in 1987. The Wall ("die Mauer / der Antifaschistische Schutzwall") split the city in two parts: a communist part "Berlin Hauptstadt der DDR" and the capitalist part "West Berlin". Travelling between the two halfs was only possible via checkpoints. People who tried to cross the border without permission, were shot by the East German border guards. The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) was one of the symbols of the divided city; because it was near the border. A visit was impossible from 1961 until 1989. The picture of the famous gate was made in 1988 - in the back you can see the wall.
Brandenburg Gate is pictured on the Germany mug from Starbucks. My # 3 mug was Germany. It was "made in China" (MIC); mug # 300 is the same mug, but "made in Thailand" (MIT). Since 2013 all the European mugs were made in Thailand - although I own all the German mugs made in China; I started collecting the MIT mugs too.

Belgium Icon
Number 400: Belgium MIT
Every year I visit Brussels, in the month August. Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Primairy goal is not visiting "Manneken Pis" ("Little man Pee" in English or "le Petit Julien" in French). Manneken Pis is a small bronze sculpture in Brussels, depicting a naked little boy urinating water (and wine or beer on very special occasions) into a fountain's basin. It was put in place in 1618 or 1619. Most of the time, the statue wears clothes - more than 900 suits are available. The statue is depicted on the front of the Belgium mug, moreover without a suit... On the back of the mug there is a picture of the royal palace in Brussels. And no, that is not the reason of my visit either. Why go to Brussels every year? You can eat the best Dutch mussels in Belgium. Sounds strange? Well the Belgium cuisine is a lot better than the Dutch one - the shell fish are caught in the Netherlands and exported to Belgium. And do not forget to drink a beer with the mussels. The best place to eat them is at Chez Léon. Enjoy!

Paris Icon
Number 500: Paris MIT
I promised my family to go to Paris in the spring of 2015. We visited all the touristic high lights like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomph Etoile, Sacré-Cœur Basilica and so on. Of course I looked for Starbucks mugs. In the store at the 'Avenue des Champs-Élysées' I bought the France, Lyon and Paris 1 Icon mug; all made in Thailand. The black Paris Relief Series mug and the Icon demitasse-set France - Paris were also still available. Of course we couldn't leave the store without enjoying a frappucino, a caramel hot chocolate venti, a caffé latte grande, and a few pieces of carrot cake.
The Paris Icon mug is mug number 500 that I own. 
On that mug the world famous Eiffel Tower ('La tour Eiffel' in french) is depicted on the front side. The tower was named after the engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built it. The tower was erected in 1889 as the entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair. The tower is the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world. The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall. Because there were long queues for the elevators, me and my kids took the stairs! More than 600 steps. It was really fun and the view was magnificent.
On the back side of the mug the Seine river is depicted.

Number 600: München Icon Tumbler
München Tumbler
After a few years collecting icon and relief mugs you reach the stage that you own most of the mugs. And you are almost sure that you never will complete your collection, because the discontinued mugs are very hard to get. Sure you can buy them sometimes for a lot of money, but that is not my idea of a hobby. To keep the collection virus alive, I bought sometimes other Starbucks city mugs. For example, Icon demitasse mugs, Icon Tumblers and even mugs from the 'You Are Here' (YAH) Series.
In march 2016 I visited Köln (Cologne) in Germany. One of the attractions in this city is the Starbucks store at the "Hauptbahnhof" (Railway Station). It carries a lot of different mugs. I bought the München (Munich) tumbler during my visit.
The last time I was in Munich in 2010, I wasn't infected with the collection virus yet. But I'm quite happy I bought the Munich tumbler in Köln. On the front side is the New Town Hall ("Neues Rathaus") depicted. The back contains a drawing of the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady ("Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau - Frauenkirche").

The mugs I collected through the years: 2012, 2013, 201420152016, and organized by color.

If you have any questons, please feel free to email me. I speak English, German and Dutch.
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Fake Mugs
Be careful, there are some fake Starbucks mugs in circulation. Unfortunately I was tricked  also - read here my experiences with fake Icon mugs. I also made a page about fake relief mugs.

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