Collector's Guide
Several Series
Starbucks issued several series City Mugs. If you start collecting; it is maybe hard to decide which series to collect. 'You Are Here', Icon, Relief? In this guide I will introduce the most important series city mugs. 

Collector Series (1994 - 2009)
The Collector Series was introduced in 1994; the last one was produced in 2009. The collector series was Starbucks' first series city mugs.
There were 25 mini versions (demitasse) of the mugs introduced. 

Architecture Series (2006 - 2012)
The Architecture Series was introduced in the USA and Canada in 2006. 64 different mugs were issued - 3 were special Xmas mugs: New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
Starbucks also issued 9 mini-mugs (demitasse) of this series and 10 thermoplastic tumblers. The last batch of these mugs were produced in 2012.

Icon Series (2008 - 2017)

The Icon Series was introduced in 2008. The Icon series would become very popular with more than 400 different city mugs. The mugs were discontinued in North America in 2013 and replaced by the YAH series. In the rest of the world the fade out of the Icon series went gradually, starting in 2016. For example in Europe some cities started to carry YAH mugs, while in Mexico and China new Icon mugs were introduced. South Africa released a new icon and YAH mug on the same day in 2016! Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, China, Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica and Guatemala issued new icon mugs in 2017. The last Icon mug is Tulum (Mexico), which surfaced December, 14th 2017. Starbucks also released demitasse versions (3 oz) and thermoplastic tumblers.

Relief Series (2010 - 2017)

Starbucks issued a black / navy blue and white Relief series of city mugs. Navy blue was used China except in Macau and Hong Kong, black in the rest of the world. First mug which surfaced was the New York City mug in 2010. It is the only mug in this series with the old Starbucks logo with the letters. The Hong Kong version 2 relief was the last mug of this series that was released, in December 2017.
During the holiday season of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Starbucks issued special Xmas Relief mugs in red (2013 and 2014), gold (2014), green (2015 and 2016), silver (2016) and red again and blue (2017). Starbucks also released demitasse versions, demitasse Xmas versions and thermoplastic tumblers

YAH ('You Are Here') Series (2013 -)

The YAH ('You Are Here') Series was introduced in the USA and Canada in 2013. Outside North America the Amsterdam YAH mug was introduced in 2013. Three years later the YAH series was also introduced in Africa (Johannesburg), Asia (for example China and Singapore) and in European countries like France, Germany and Denmark. The ornaments were first issued in 2014. Xmas versions (white with golden lining) were issued first in 2015.

BTC ('Been There Collection') Series (2018 - )
In January 2018 a new series city mugs was annouced: Been There Collection. The US should get the first mugs in March 2018, Canada in June of the same year.

Pictures Wanted 
I collected more than 600 mugs which are all depicted on this website. But still hundreds are failing. If you made pictures from Starbucks city mugs which are not depicted on this website, please mail these. 

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Have fun
Happy Collecting! Rob