Fake Relief Mugs
Shanghai Relief 3 & 4
In 2016 the first fake mug of the relief series surfaced.
Don't worry, if you buy your mugs in a Starbucks store, it is guaranteed that you have a genuine mug. But mugs can be counterfeit when bought for example on Ebay or Alibaba, especially when they are shipped from China. 

The first fake relief mug is the red Shanghai mug. It was sold on Ebay by a seller with the following names fun-fang, Letussell2011. He also offered the blue Shanghai relief version 1 (the regular series) - that mug is suspicious.

The pictures of the fake mug are on the left. The real mug is pictured on the images on the right.

The bottom of the mug contains a lot of fouls. The lettering and spacing is off in many places. On the top row, there is a space between "DISH" and "WASHER". In the middle, the "B" in STARBUCKS is clearly a different size/font. The size of the cup on the counterfeit mug is 16 fl oz / 473 ml. On the bottom row, the date is incorrect (it should be 2013) and there is no space between "STARBUCKS" and "COFFEE", no space after the period and no space between "RIGHTS" and "RESERVED".

If you look at the close-up of the siren logo, you notice that the logo has no nose, and there's an extra dot on her chest (is this supposed to be the nose?). The "TM"-letters are to big.

In the past a SKU sticker on the bottom of a mug was a guarantee that mug was a genuine Starbucks product. Nowadays even the SKU stickers are reproduced - stay alert!

Icon mugs
Information about fake icon mugs can be found on this page.

I like to thank David Archwamety for the pictures of the fake mug.

If you come across fake relief mugs, please let me know. I like to warn people on this page.

Overview fake relief mugs
 confirmed  Shanghai Xmas Relief 2013 - red mug
 suspected Shanghai Relief mug (regular series)