Fake Icon Mugs
ware, it is unbelievable but true, there are fake Starbucks Icon mugs in circulation. Don't worry, if you buy your mugs in a Starbucks store, it is guaranteed that you have a genuine mug. But mugs bought on Ebay, can be counterfeit.

I saw a Geneva and United Arab Emirates Icon Mug together for US$ 50 (shipping included) on Ebay in march 2013. The seller used the following names song_cy / SongChuanYan (NanJing) / CHINA.N.J.shop. I thought, what can go wrong? And I ordered the two mugs.

When they arrived, the United Arab Emirates Mug was replaced by a Guatemala mug. When I studied the bottoms of the mug and compared them to a mug I bought in a Starbucks Store in Hungary I saw a few anomalies:

• The letter “S” should be lowercase but is in a few situations bigger as the other lowercase letters. In “Starbucks”, “All Rights Reserved”, “Dishwasher”
The slash is connected with the “z”;
The 4 is bold.
Left is a picture of the bottom of the Hungary mug I bought at Starbucks in Budapest; on the right side the fake Guatemala mug.
I made pictures of a fake and an original Guatemala mug next to each other. Can you tell which one is the genuine mug?
The left one! There are a lot of differences - the fake mug is a few millimeters smaller than the original Starbucks mug. The original mug measures 2 mm in height larger than the fake mug.

Left the orignal mug - right the fake mug
Front: the positioning of "Starbucks Coffee" towards "Guatemala". 
The first "S" is not under the "M" on the fake mug. The last "S" should not be under the "M", but that is not the case on the fake mug.

Front: the lining of the arch is messy on the fake mug.

Front: there is an extra line in the door at the fake mug.
Also the colors differ.

Back: the spacing between Guatemala and Starbucks Coffee differs: to small on the fake mug.

Also the spacing of the letters of Guatemala is to small on the fake mug.

Geneva mug
If you compare the postioning of the word Geneva on the front of fake mug with a original mug, you can also see some differences. The "e" and "v" of Geneva on the fake mug have a different place towards the water jet.

My conclusion was: the Geneva and Guatemala mugs are fake. Pity, but instructive…

In the past a SKU sticker on the bottom of a mug was a guarantee that mug was a genuine Starbucks product. Nowadays even the SKU stickers are reproduced - stay alert!

More Infomation on fake Starbucks icon mugs
Martin Kanz collected more information on fake Starbucks Mugs. With his permission I inserted below the PDF-file he made.

Relief mugs
In 2016 the first fake relief mugs surfaced.

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Jun 28, 2015, 2:43 AM